We help small business owners achieve the life they work hard for.

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What's holding your business back?

Every entrepreneur dreams of owning a growing business that runs effectively, smoothly, and profitably. In order to reach that high goal, you need mental clarity, predictable processes, and a high-performing team supporting you. Unfortunately, many small business owners experience the exact opposite, including:

L4 Success exists for leaders like you. If you’ve reached a ceiling  in your business, more “hustle” isn’t the answer. We help emerging and established leaders overcome growth barriers and achieve the life they work hard for. 

Leadership & Business Coaching

Leadership Coaching

An organization cannot rise above the lid of its leader. We equip leaders with tools and help the reach their greatest potential.


Sales Training

We share 30 years of sales experience and the John Maxwell Team Method of selling, so you can increase sales and grow.


DISC Assessments

DISC Personality Assessments help you and your team understand individual personalities and communicate better.

Our Process

We know every business, leader, and team faces unique challenges and opportunities. We follow a proven process to identify your business’s specific needs and goals, then create a coaching and training package customized to you.

1. Listen

We want to hear about the business challenges you’re facing. You’ll have an opportunity to share that and ask any questions you may have during this free, no-obligation conversation.

2. Learn

What you see as the problem may just be a symptom. That’s why we use an on-site discovery session to take a deep-dive into your business and uncover the root issues.

3. Lead

With a clear picture of what’s holding your business back, we’ll create and implement an action plan of coaching, training, and/or assessments to help you reach your goals.

4. Live

What does success look like for you? L4 Success is here to help you reach those goals, find freedom, and achieve the life you work hard for.

"As an owner of two growing businesses, I sometimes get stuck. When that happens, my wife tells me to go talk to Gary. After each conversation with Gary, I have more clarity and less stress."
Austin Jones
Owner & President
Patriots Automation

Why work with L4 Success?

We exist for small business owners who feel that their business is outgrowing their ability to lead it. We’re here for the leaders who have spun wheels and reached ceilings, the entrepreneurs with more opportunities than time, the visionaries who have big dreams and are willing to work to make it reality.

Gary Gaffney founded L4 Success after experiencing and overcoming many of the problems every leader faces. Having successfully started and sold multiple small businesses, he understands the feeling of being trapped in your own business. Coaching was integral part of overcoming the challenges and finding true success and freedom. 

But this story isn’t about Gary or L4. It’s about you. We exist to help you achieve the life, freedom, and success you work hard for.

Who we work with:

What will your business look like one year from now?

Every leader and business is either growing or dying. Will you look back on this year as one of growth or one of stagnation and decline? Will this be another year of hustle and burnout, or the year where you finally create processes and implement strategies to find freedom and success in your business? 

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