Sales Training

Reach and exceed goals with proven selling techniques.

Equip your sales force to:

Empower your team with the Maxwell method of selling.

Nothing happens until a sale happens. This all starts with the right conversations and the right relationships. Gary uses his 30 years of sales experience to enhance the John Maxwell Team Method of selling that helps your team discover their unique selling voice. This all adds up to higher top line sales with better margins as you grow your small business.

The Fundamentals of Selling Workshop

Learn the most important elements of sales and selling techniques in this easy-to-follow Fundamentals of Selling Workshop from The Maxwell Method of Selling! We break down the sales process step-by-step, preparing you and your team for every sales opportunity. Contact L4 to arrange a workshop today!

When it comes to selling, how you show up in the eyes of the buyer is one of the most important things you can master. This workshop breaks down the fundamental skills that will help you improve your sales results.

We will cover:

  • The BASICS OF SELLING, including the sales process, key terminology and effective approaches to selling.
  • How to prepare for SALES CONVERSATIONS.
  • Perfecting your SALES PITCH.
  • CLOSING STRATEGIES to create a win-win for you and the buyer.

Sales Training Bootcamp

Based on the leadership principles and values of Dr. John C. Maxwell, leading authority on leadership development, each lesson in this bootcamp is designed to equip you and/or members of your team with the skills you need to improve your sales results.

Over the course of twelve weeks, you will learn how to effectively:

  • SERVE OTHERS through selling.
  • HAVE THE RIGHT POSTURE, MINDSET and  ATTITUDE throughout the sales process.
  • DEVELOP RELATIONSHIPS versus make transactions.
  • MASTER THE SALES CONVERSATION and present your products, services or programs.

Over the course of twelve weeks, you will learn how to effectively:

  • TRACK AND MEASURE your success.
  • OVERCOME common objections.
  • INCORPORATE MARKETING STRATEGIES to stay top of mind during the buying cycle.
  • ASK FOR REFERRALS and repeat business.
"As an owner of two growing businesses, I sometimes get stuck.  When that happens, my wife tells me to go talk to Gary.  After each conversation with Gary, I have more clarity and less stress."
Austin Jones
Owner and President Materials Management and Patriots Automation

Get the training you need to exceed sales goals.

How much does poor salesmanship cost your business every year? Our John Maxwell Team Certified trainer can help your team reach and exceed sales goals with proven techniques.

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